WHOA!  Have you seen the Men’s Adult ABS Nationals Highlight Reel from Louder Than 11?  If not, click the above photo and be prepared to be blown away!

I always get super excited to watch what innovative movement the setters came up with for any indoor comp really, but especially the national competitions.  So when Daniel Woods started climbing up the arete instead of doing the forced movement on the holds I have to wonder what was running through the setters minds.  I know personally as a setter it can be extremely frustrating when you have spent hours on an intended movement, then someone comes up and finds a v2-3 path through your intended v5 or v6.  I guess that’s a risk you take when you have this grade of world class climber competing.  Daniel Woods crushed the comp, which is great to see again, this guy is a monster.

If I get psyched enough, maybe I will try and write up a movement analysis of these problems.  Peace!

*Above photo Courtesy of Caroline Treadway and the Unified Bouldering Facebook Page.